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The Hamilton Port Authority Building
605 James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 1J9
The clinic is closed on Fridays.

The Travel Doctor advises travellers schedule appointments far in advance of their departures. Most vaccines require several weeks to provide protection. In addition, early appointments allow our medical staff time to determine reactions to preventive medicines and, if necessary, to prescribe alternatives.

Pre-trip screenings are also of great benefit to people with chronic diseases and those who may be sensitive to medication such as children and pregnant women. In general, we advise patients visit us six weeks or more before their departure dates.

We often receive phone calls from people asking, “I’m visiting (destination country), what vaccinations do I need?” However, that’s a question no one can answer over the phone. Travellers need to visit us so we can determine specifics, including where in the country you will visit, the length of your stay and what you will be doing while away. All of these details, as well as your current health status, contribute to how you must prepare for your travel.