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The Responsible Traveller

Tips from the International Society of Travel Medicine

  1. Be informed
    Travel allows us to discover natural beauty, historical sites and, above all, the diversity of other societies and people. Be an informed traveller before boarding an airplane and discover what the people you’ll meet at your destination can teach you.
  2. Be openminded and patient
    Experience other cultures and lifestyles.
  3. Be respectful
    Local people welcome you. Show them gratitude and respect. Also respect local customs with the way you dress, display affection and how you behave at religious sites.
  4. Avoid exploitation
    As travellers we are perceived as being rich. Be generous in a constructive way be promoting the local economy. Do not participate in the exploitation of local people (low salaries, overwork, child abuse and sex abuse).
  5. Protect the environment
    Avoid overuse of water, wasting food, littering and damaging sites.
  6. Leave a good impression
    A positive experience with local people will pave the way for those coming after you leave.

Respect and mutual discovery will make your trip a wonderful experience and will promote your security and health while away. So enjoy yourself and have a good trip!